JTF comes out swinging with their upcoming debut EP release that makes you want to put the pedal down! Both Dave Eve and Anthony Resta AKA Ajax Ray-o-Vac produced the recordings and are punchy and very well mixed. Guitar riffs from Ron Rich are infectious and the vocal stylings of Randy Bettencourt are instantly stuck in your head. Driven by the thunderous rhythm section that is Steve Kilroy and Tim Johnson, JTF could take the stage with any number of modern rock acts like Halestorm or Fallout Boy but could also fit in with many of the great late 90s acts like Deftones, Korn etc.
Jump The Fall's music is hook driven and tight as hell. Well thought out arrangements and skilled musicians make this a blast to witness. radio and press will be coming soon as the release gets closer. recently JTF signed and are preparing to unleash their sound with the debut release ‘Ten Year Guilt’ set to release in March 2019, see you out there!